Sunday, January 24, 2010

"...Eclipse, My Hips..."

It's not a secret anymore, Mountain Man is amazing. I've been seeing there name being dropped like butter on a pan by everyone from Gorilla vs. Bear, to Chocolate Bobka, to Part Time Music. And unlike the buzz that feeds around so many cute one hit indie wonders, Mountain Man, although still an infant in rock years [one year this April], have a bright and poetic future still ahead of them.

I've heard a couple of tracks by them, but it was not until I heard their contribution to Underwater Peoples Winter Review Compilation that had me weak to the knees. It's sparce guitar notes and those heavy vocals, uh, I can't even imagine how this song would sound live? I think I would weep. Luring you in like love in the spring and quickly letting you go in the dead of winter, "Dog Song", is a short, but beautifully narrated tale of time being pleasantly spent with the one. It's one of those songs you lay in your bed listening to, while you stare out your windows at trees.

Please treat your self to this jem of a song.

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