Monday, February 15, 2010

Say it with me, PAR--TY

While it's still miserable and cold outside, I still can't help but feed my knack for surf music. It's sunny/breezy/gritty guitars and laid back drums just plain give me good vibes. In good surf rock [my opinion] I want to hear something that I can both chill back on or put on to get things rolling. LA's The Allah La's fulfill both of these requirements.

I have yet to hear of any releases from the quartet, nor was able to download anything, so your gonna have to settle on good ole' myspace. If I would have posted this a couple of weeks ago you could have been able to hear 4 wave-blissed tunes, but now you are gonna have to settle for 2. Listen to the shake-rific track "Catamaran" [the chill track] and the party rolling "Long Journey."

And if and when they do release something, I hope they use this piece of art I found on their space. ITS AWESOME!

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  1. Cool band! Looks like they have more tunes on muxtape: