Friday, April 23, 2010

Hide That Shit,PO PO, Are Here

I've seen PO PO perform twice, and both times the shows blew my mind. The first in a completely empty bodega, where they had to go after MONOTONIX, and even then I was assaulted with some pretty rough acid punk to my face. The second time was at LA's the Smell, where while the energy was still there, the approach seemed to come from more of an experimental side.

PO PO started out as a trio of, American born, brothers of Pakistani decent, from Philly. About a year ago two of the brothers left to relocate to LA where they have been playing pretty steadily; this past weekend saw them co-headline a Vice Magazine's after-coahella party. (PS the other brother is still jamming in another equally as cool band, Sunny Ali and the Kid). The brother are on Mad Decent (Diplo's label) and are currently the only rock band on the roster. And while it might seem odd to some, it seems to work in the way that Need New Body can be a banjo playing-pot smokin-Sun Ra lovin-rock band and still mess with hip hop licks and experimental techno synth grunge. The band has been working with a new drummer (Jacob of Bark Bark Bark and Signals fame) and like previously mentioned, the songs still have that raw power energy, but i get the feeling the group seems to really want to go the direction of a twist within DNA, The Mummies, and Thee Oh Sees. And again, it work's.

Here is a link, from sometime ago, to download "Knife is Yung", a newer track recorded for the yet untitled and dateless new PO PO LP. But you ain't just getting that old shit, no is a video for a newly released single titled "Final Fight."

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