Thursday, April 22, 2010


Now that I no longer have to deal with taking care a of house (the perks of being homeless) and that I can can stay in one city for longer than 12 hours, I am back to my regular duties of surfing the internet for nonsensical things. Which at times also allows me to stumble across some pretty amazing tidbits/news info on different bands/artist/designers what have you.

Today i have a video from LA's SIGNALS. The song is titled WHAT DREAMS, and you can wait a bit for the full lenght to come out. Or you can try to snag a 7" (which i was able too, and is totally worth it) from Moshi Moshi Records.

If one would like to know what some southern California punks would do if they got a hold of some pretty ridiculous computer synth programs then look no further than this jam!

Signals - "What Dreams" from signals LA on Vimeo.

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