Monday, July 5, 2010


went to check out monster island basement the other night. pretty cool venue, if i say so myself. decent size stage in the corner, ample amount of room, but not to big. if the show is soldout its gonna get hot, but it there are only like 20/30 people its still a good night. went out to go see the BEETS, but they played last, hadnt showed up after coasting and i got tired (damn you work industry). i did however get to check out DEAD GAZE, ALEX BLEEKER AND THE FREAKS, and COASTING.

didn't get a pic of DEAD GAZE, but i did walk away with some gnarly sluggy beachy stoned riffs stuck in my head. somewhere between wavves and high on fire, dead gaze is a two piece who play some loud rawk. they got a tape out on Mirror Universe Tapes. and this show was for group tightner, so maybe they got something in the mix for a GT release.

ALEX BLEEKER AND THE FREAKS were up next. with help from buddy and pals big troubles and some real estate homies he got his game on to jam for many friends and fans. alex is a funny looking dude and if you saw him on the streets one could say he would be into the dead or didn't know anything about music and was like a brown version of the dude from king of queens. lucky for us he plays some pretty laid back tunes reminiscent of neil young and silver jews. also have you heard this dudes version of mountain man's "animal tracks", cuz it rules.

up next was COASTING. i was lucky enough to grab their last copy of the cassette ep they released on Sixteen Tambourines. its a nice 4 song ep that was totally worth the hanging by the merch booth waiting as the ladies got done hitting on some boys. they came over cuz they saw my good looks and me holding some dough, thats the way to attract the opposite sex boys! anyways there set was great and they rocked it. monster island was perfecto for them, loud, close knit fans, beer and being high.

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