Friday, July 2, 2010


so there is this band from LA (who would have figured) that has been making my ears swell with smiles. they are called DUNES. there are three people in the band, many with familiar faces to the underground community. KATE HALL, ex drummer of Mika Miko, STEPHANIE CHAN, of The Carrots and Finally Punk (my favorite band of all time), and MARK (something, he's the only one in the band that i don't know about).

they have been getting much respect from the LA scene, playing with many of LA's hit makers, Best Coast, Abe Vigoda, The Soft Pack. They are about to head out on tour in the fall, nowhere near NYC, but still they are going out and are probably going to change someone's life. i wish i was 18 again.

enjoy there tunes, and here's a video of them playing "Balance" at the smell ::

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