Monday, September 27, 2010

"Paki Not Indie" - Sunny Ali & The Kid

A couple of months ago I heard of a band from Philly called, Sunny Ali & the Kid. I was intrigued because it features, Hassan Ali, guitarist and fallen member of of the all Pakistani brother band, PO PO.

After a conversation with Yvynyl, I was informed that Ali wanted to ditch playing punk and concentrate on making country music. I'm sorry Ali, but at this point I'm not sure you can't stay away from your punk roots, but this isn't a bad thing. On Try Harder, the bands first release, SAK do have hints of country two-steppin in tracks like "Cand Stand You" and title track, "Try Harder." The band also have two acoustic heart hitters that really make me worried for the mental health of Hassan. My favorite track on the EP is the humorously titled, "You Know What Jawad," a goth-country jem both scary and catchy.

Check out their bandcamp site and download this EP for free before they take that feature away. Also with tee's, like the one below, how can I not love this band ::