Sunday, April 10, 2011


At this point in musical history the merger of rock n roll and hip-hop is not anything crazy. And we have some amazing highlights in the past with Public Enemy & Anthrax, The Roots, the Black Lips & GZA, and we have some not so spectacular moments with Jay-Z & Linkin Park and the late 90’s. And while this Fuel performance of label mates Mellowhype and Bass Drum of Death isn’t anything spectacular, they didn’t disappoint either.

Leftbrain looks happy and full of flow behind the keys, while BSDD are, and excuse the pun, a little mellow in their performance, but that could just be the weed. Hodgy Beats as always is entertaining as hell, even in this slower number, “64.” Easily becoming everyone’s favorite of the Oddies (come on everyone’s fav is still Earl), Hodgy has a stage presence lathered in the same mystery why so many people can’t stop but stare at Iggy Pop when he is in eyesight.

Mellowhype’s BlackandWhite is set to be re-mastered & reworked and will see the light of day this summer, while Bass Drum of Death are releasing GB City this Tuesday April 12, 2011.